Catering, rental

Ekostal Company is proud to present an offer for renting halls in order catering tents.

Catering halls are characterized by:
  • Aluminum construction
  • aesthetic lightweight design
  • A very fast assembly and dismantling
  • Any position of input holes
  • Modifications during the ceremony
  • Possible placing without foundations
  • possible equipment with a wooden floor
Aluminum structures are usually rented for the weekend festivities, such as weddings, first communion, baptism, names day, company banquets. We provide full service for the transportation and installation of tent in a designated spot. assembly group supervises the full plant from the start of the assembly during the ceremony and up until disassembly, responding to any changes in weather, helping in the optimal configuration of the tent to ensure the comfort and safety of persons therein.

We also hire of steel structures for use as storage tents. This is an ideal way of obtaining a temporary, supplemental useful area. The standard range of spans starts from 8 meters and above. The height of the side walls up to 4.5 meters. The minimum length of the tent is 2 modules, or 10 meters.

For specific questions on how the construction is made, please consult the technical department.

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