Snow plows

We offer steel construction plows . Share is made of rolled sheet with a thickness of 4mm, and enhanced by frames and truss displacers. This ensures high stiffness and strength. Plows are produced in two versions:
  • side plow - width 2.5 m or 3m
  • front plow - the width of 3m
Plows can be fitted with rubber or steel shares. Adapted to lifting by hydraulic or pneumatic actuator. Side version has the option of changes of the angle of work.

  • Shares rubber, steel
  • Size Lighting
  • Actuator with hoses
  • Buffer beam
Suitable for mounting on trucks, agricultural tractors, construction equipment and other vehicles. There is also the possibility of mounting on the customer’s vehicle.

For specific questions about the construction, please consult the technical department.

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