The steel construction of the stage is designed as a system of 4 truss columns spaced in the vertexes of a square 12,5mx12,5m (I version) and in the vertexes of a rectangle 8,5mx12,5m.
The columns are connected by truss rim, which connects the scene construction as a whole and additionally takes over the interactions from the roof in axes 2 and 3. Arch roof trusses are supported by the rim clamping the columns. The roof trusses are stabilized by purlins and two strings of roof slope bracings, whose connection nodes to the main trusses are in line with the arch of the upper belt as well as the lower one every 2.5 m in average. Stabilization and stiffening of the scene construction are realized by using the rope guys fixed to the outer branches of truss columns.

The steel construction of the roof is designed so that the roof can be mounted from the height of 6m up to 13 m – shortening the lengths of rope guys accordingly. However during assembly appropriate pull of each rope must be assured.

The body guys are designed of steel ropes with diameter of O 16 T6x19 + At (7x7). The rope guys are connected with the columns at the height of +10m for stage with height 13,26m and + 5m for stage with height of 8,26m. The ropes must be pulled until 4kN on each..

The stage platform is designed as a truss – columns system with construction net 4mx4m. The system consists of transverse platform trusses spaced at 1m which support by articulation two belts:
  • in terminal axes on shelter and platform columns
  • in middle axes on platform columns
  • between construction axes on collective trusses
The collective trusses are spaced longitudinally and transversely every 4m.

Additional elements for support of platform finish are intermediate struts placed in the middle of the platform trusses span..

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